Lauren Henderson

The Growling



The Growling is a bar in San Marcos, Texas exclusively serving Texas craft beer. They offer over thirty craft beers on tap available to drink in-house or take to-go. The Growling holds a high value on fostering community, whether it be through game and movie nights, trivia, growler-sharing nights, or tasting events, they strive to create a space that any beer lover can call home.


Brand NArrative

The brand is centered around a werewolf-themed tale, in which a businessman by day turns into a beer-thirsty beast by night. Various details are depicted throughout brand’s imagery.

Asset 12@1.5x.png

Logo Exploration

The original brand used four logos interchangeably. In an effort to streamline their logo usage, I explored options for a singular logo that would tie back to their roots of beer, Texas, and night-dwelling beasts.



The color palette is inspired by shadows, moonlight, and the color of light passing through beer.


Brand Assets

Envelope & Letterhead.jpg

Each coaster in the set features one part of the werewolf tale. As a means of fostering community and conversation, the coasters double as a scavenger hunt for in-house customers. In order to find all three to complete the tale, customers must either order more beers or converse with neighbors to see which coaster they might have.


By pulling the gift card out of the sleeve, the user sees the moon rise above the tree line.

Beer Cap Mockup.jpg

The novelty pint-glass shows a werewolf gulping down beer when turned upwards.



The project scope entails creating a branded tool to help customers feel more comfortable in a conventionally intimidating environment.


While interviewing craft beer bar customers, I found that each customer, no matter their knowledge level, needed a more streamlined way to learn about beer options and order based on their flavor profile preferences. Some customers feel intimidated by the terminology on the menu and the beer experts that surround them. Below, I expanded two customers’ experiences into empathy maps in order to get a better understanding of the problems they faced.


PErsona 1: Taylor

Taylor is a 22 year old student who is somewhat new to the craft beer scene. She generally knows a few types of beer that she likes, but she is stuck when it comes to to expanding her horizons—anxious about her lack of beer education. She would like to talk to the bartender about various types of beers and brewing processes, but she doesn't know where to begin.


Taylor’s Needs Statements

Taylor needs a way to identify and define types of beer so that she can finds something she likes.

Taylor needs a way to see which beers are noteworthy or popular to steer her in the right direction.

Taylor needs to know which beer types are similar to beers she already likes so she can expand her knowledge and taste.

Taylor needs a way to order so that she doesn’t feel rushed or intimidated.



PErsona 2: andrew

Andrew is a 32 year old realtor who is moderately knowledgable about craft beer. He knows what he likes and he is open to trying new things. Sometimes he wishes beer menus were more digestible so he can browse with ease. Because of this, he ends up ordering old favorites a lot of the time. He finds that his bar waitstaff is not as knowledgeable as the bartender, though the bartender is usually too busy to have a conversation with. He wishes there were a way to find what he likes without going through so much effort.


Andrew’s Needs Statements

Andrew needs a way to get proper knowledge from the staff so that he feels informed of his options.

Andrew needs to quickly learn about and sift through beers that he has never seen before so that he can try something new without hassle.

Andrew needs a way to order beer at home so he can find new favorites in the comfort of his own space.



I designed an app to aid the customer’s entire experience while they’re at The Growling. Features include:

  • A beer preference quiz that generates a list of beers the user might enjoy

  • An ordering tab where users may filter menu items based on taste preferences, rating, color, etc.

  • Beer profiles including descriptions, brewery, ABV, IBU, keg levels and freshness, and guest ratings

  • Check in to your table number to have beer and receipts delivered straight to your table

  • A social feed tab to view other guests’ thoughts on what they are drinking

  • An interactive game tab where users may play in-house trivia games for rewards amongst their table or against the other guests in the bar

  • A pay tab feature where users may pay for their orders, split the tab equally among their table, pay the entire bill, or send beers they have ordered for a friend to their tab

  • An account tab to update flavor preferences, profile information, payment information, default store location, and view definitions for unfamiliar terms in the term glossary

Though the app is mainly used in-store, there are some features that may be accessed from home, such as ordering beer for carryout and managing home beer delivery subscriptions.


Design Solution


Click below to explore the interactive prototype.