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Stellar Coffee Co


All brand elements are set to exist within Stellar Coffee Co in May 2019.


Stellar Coffee Co is an individually-owned craft coffee shop in San Marcos, Texas. Operating under the slogan, “Be a Good Human,” Stellar Coffee Co focuses on taking care of people through sustainability and culture, creating a space to foster relationships for locals and newcomers alike.

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Enterprise app

Objective: Create an app that makes the barista’s job more efficient.



Stellar Coffee Co’s original workflow entailed a series of lists for procedures, shift duties, inventory, and tip sheets. The workflow is confusing, disorganized, and leaves room for error, especially regarding logging each employee’s tips per shift and per pay period.


Overall pain points


• Staff communication via GroupMe is faulty and inefficient

• Inventory is loosely managed

• Current inventory process: take inventory on paper once per week; if an employee pulls the last of something, they are required to message the manager, the staff GroupMe, and write it on the shopping list

• Team forgets to notify staff about items that went out of stock

• The shop runs out of inventory items with no notice

• Employees forget to write inventory items on shopping list

• Closing takes a long time

• Credit card tips are documented by employees on paper, leaving room for error or loss

• Splitting tips and calculating tips per person is a hassle

• Shift duties are not completed correctly

• Manager is rarely present at the shop and is unaware of employee weaknesses unless direct communication is had

• Announcements are made in GroupMe while some employees are not working, and information gets missed or forgotten while going about daily life

• Opening is a hassle when closing duties are done incorrectly

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EMMA’s Closing workflow

8:30 pm while customers are still in the store

lobby trash sweep wash pitcher put away milk take in patio set

9:00 pm after door is locked

soak both portafilters  count register finish scrubbing portafilters finish cleaning espresso machine wash dishes wash whipped cream wash half & half container wash two airpots put away dishes clean espresso grinder clean drip machine and grinder gather all trash check bathroom check condiment bar →  sweep behind bar while mop bucket fills turn off lights lock door dump trash

  • Finish time: 10:20 pm

  • Closing duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

  • Some closing duties get pushed back after doors are locked based on the number of customers inside

  • Longest task: sweeping and mopping

  • Bad mood/tedium can contribute to slow closing

  • Doesn’t know why closing takes so long

  • Wants to get out of work sooner

  • Can miss some details due to lack of structure

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EMILY’s Closing workflow

8:30 pm while customers are still in the store

lobby trash → wipe tables → sweep → wash one airpot → soak one portafilter → sweep behind bar → pre-count drawer → put away milk → wash whipped cream → wash pitcher → wash dishes → check condiment bar → check bathroom → take in patio set

9:00 pm after door is locked

soak second portafilter → count register → finish scrubbing portafilter → clean espresso grinder → wash half & half container→ finish dishes → put away dishes → sweep behind bar → mop → turn off lights → lock door → dump trash

  • Finish time: 9:20 pm – 9:30 pm

  • Closing duration: 20 – 30 minutes

  • Tends to do as much as possible before closing

  • Is motivated to move quickly to get out as fast as possible

  • Some duties are pushed back if the cafe is busy

  • Can miss some minor details due to rushing

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Create a tool to consolidate procedures and processes into an organized flow; aid employees in remembering which shift tasks need to be done, and when.


Pain point Solutions


How might we help all employees close more efficiently?
Create an ordered checklist that is most efficient to the space

How might we help closing employees get off of work sooner?
Alert employee about when to start pre-closing duties

How might we find which closing duties can be done based on the time and busyness of the cafe?
Sync POS with closing checklist to generate a closing list that is most efficient based on customer traffic

How might we ensure that closing is done properly, not just quickly and haphazardly?
Ensure that all items are checked off before clocking out

How might we find a closing routine that makes sense time-wise and space-wise to cut down on aimlessness?
Order checklist tasks based on the areas of the shop and priority for business

How might we hold closers accountable for the quality of their work so that it benefits the opener?
Implement a closer rating system. The opener may rate the quality of the closer’s job, which creates incentive to improve.

How might we keep employees up to date on inventory outages before they start a shift?
Alert the employee at the beginning of their shift about what items went out of stock before their shift started

How might we consolidate the inventory process?
Digital inventory checklist can be updated by any employee when items run out, items are sent to manager’s shopping list

How might we all be on the same page about announcements?
Alert employee at the beginning of their shift of important/shift-specific information sent by the manager

How might we track tips more efficiently?
Credit card tips syncs with POS and keeps live updates of the employee’s tip total for that shift

How might we calculate tips per shift easier?
Credit card tips sync with clock-in/clock-out and monitors number of baristas on shift to log and split tips accordingly

How might we keep the manager updated on employee weakness when it comes to daily responsibilities?
Require a photo of the designated shift duty when the task is completed. Uploading photos from camera roll is disabled


paper prototypes


Design solution

Functioning as a co-branded app, the primary host app, ShiftLead, houses Stellar Coffee Co’s branding and content. Click to view the app in action.