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GOAT is a dockless scooter start up based in Austin, Texas, offering transportation services to locals and tourists alike. They are the only scooter company to offer locals the opportunity to invest in the business, manage their own scooter fleet, and hold a stake in profits.

GOAT came to the market shortly after Bird and Lime infiltrated Austin, though GOAT differs by truly collaborating with communities to integrate their products, rather than forcing their way into the market. Built by Austinites, GOAT has a special spot in their heart for their local community.


Mission Statement

We are a dockless scooter company born and bred in Austin, Texas helping you and your herd get places quicker, easier, and for a low cost. We work to grow and empower local communities by providing investment opportunities to resident entrepreneurs.


Messaging for riders: Riding GOAT gives you the opportunity to give back to your community.

Messaging for investors: GOAT gives local entrepreneurs the tools needed to succeed.




Logo Solution

Aerodynamic and freely in motion, the logo signifies the active, agile nature of riding scooters.



The GOAT re-brand is centered around themes of agility, movement, youth, and timelessness. The color palette is inspired by the sunny Texas days of GOAT’s home city, giving senses of warmth and friendliness. The typography is inspired by technology and license plate lettering.


Photography Style

The photographic style is bright, light-hearted, and community-centered. Each photo captures a candid moment, emphasizing energy and timeless fun.


Fleet Graphics

By using the primary brand color, GOAT scooters are meant to be recognizable from afar and stand out from competitor’s fleet designs.




Rider App

App screens2.jpg

Click the video to view the prototype in action.


Local Highlights

Local highlights is an in-app section dedicated to the best of Austin. GOAT partners with Thrillist on a monthly basis to feature the best local businesses within the host city. Riders may access the list of highlights in their main menu or view the star icons on the map to see their locations.


Upon arriving to a local highlight, visitors will find a “local highlight” badge on the front door. Riders can use Instagram or Snapchat filters to further promote the local highlight itself, as well as GOAT’s partnership with local businesses.


GOat Local

When using the “Tour the City” navigation mode, riders will encounter GOATLocal locations on the map, signified by exclamation mark icons. Riders may tap these icons to veer slightly from their tour and explore what the site holds. Upon arriving to the marked site, riders will find illustrated goats near monuments, attractions, or local business that only locals may know about. This feature allows riders to get to know the host city that they are exploring while adding element of fun and surprise to their tour. After unlocking a GOATLocal location, the rider’s account will be credited with GOAT Bucks that they may redeem for rides, merchandise, donate to charity, or give to a friend. GOAT Bucks may also be accrued by riding often, much like a loyalty punch card.




Austin Untethered is an Instagram campaign that prompts users to post about their experiences with GOAT. By using the hashtag #AustinUntethered in their photo posts, users have a chance to be featured on GOAT’s official Instagram story. GOAT will choose posts to feature from the hashtag thread, retrieve the image from the original poster, and reward each user with GOAT Bucks within their GOAT rider app. 


Below is an example of how GOAT might post rider spotlights on their Instagram story.


Out of home advertising


This print advertisement targets city residents on their commute to work in an effort to advertise investing in GOAT as a career. By addressing the frustrations of an office job, the ad prompts viewers to learn why this goat is destroying office standards.


Parking meter advertisements target those that deal with daily car frustrations. By contrasting the shortcomings of car-travel with the mobility of scooters, GOAT aims to get car users to switch their transportation habits.


Branded grass patches are placed around the city to signify where scooters should be parked by regulation standards. This also helps to keep scooters out of streets and sidewalks while not in use.


Charging stations serve as ways for riders to “pay it forward” to fellow riders. If a rider notices that their scooter battery is low, they can plug it in so that the next rider has a fully charged scooter. Though GOAT relies on fleet owners to charge their scooters, this strategy serves as a way for the community to look out for each other in the spirit of “goating together.”


By branding bike lanes, GOAT is able to spread awareness about where to ride. This also displays GOAT as a company that cares about rider safety and etiquette. Even if riders use competing scooter brands within bike lanes, GOAT constantly maintains a foothold in consumers’ minds.


TEam member roles

Research, Brand Strategy, Identity Exploration, Concept Generation, Art Direction

Lauren Henderson
Logo Design, Photography, Motion Graphics, App UX + UI, Print Advertising, Out-of-Home Mockups, Copywriting

Jerry Sanchez
Logo Design, Website Design, Pitch Deck

Violet Gonzalez
Out-of-Home Mockups, Illustration, Website Design, Copywriting

Tristan Jasso
Logo Design, Website Design, Illustration